“valleylist” needs ad agency – – latest news 11.17.2009

– – – – “valleylist” needs ad agency

 – – latest news 11.17.2009

“valleylist” behind the news again with sfweekly cover 11.11.2009– – references “omnifix” featured on – – “valleylist” internet social group as “the reign of terror reading list”and emailed to 5 million readers- – “valleylist” v90 r.1 – – the reign of terror reading list – – there is only one “valleylist” and here it is.”valleylist” ad agency search continues with organic putting an iron in the fire. the problem is putting together a meeting.over a year of conversations with important business leaders who send people. nada.   >other than agency replies only a few things have changed   .interested in ad agency putting together a deal with companies interested in “valleylist” .hiding out in palo alto has problems such as “sending people” is not working .new people who expressed interest larry ellison tesla motors general motors cisco google .client gets value from sponsorships advertising and client specific promotions       – – – – original request for ad agency participation 11.9.2009 – – – –   “valleylist” [readership 5 million a week] needs an ad agency. objective is to pull together the world wide launch of the official web site. “valleylist” includes new one-of-a-kind special advertising and sponsorship opportunities.   these include   – – the “valleylist” free weekly internet newsletter and newsgroup – – the “valleylist” internet social group on ning – – highly successful “valleylist avatar” progam featuring “famous people” – – the planned “magical mystery tour” phase for first month 2010   while acclaimed for a rigourous approach to high tech news and reporting it’s the “valleylist” humourous style and slightly off approach that has attracted the support of our own group of famous people. supporters include mark andreesen, biz stone, jack dorsey, mark zuckerberg, guy kawasaki, and nolan bushnell as well as a slew of political leaders like hillary clinton and the entire gang of bay area mayors. these are people who need to know everything about silicon valley and high tech.   “valleylist” has scored big with it’s strategy of getting behind the news. there is a very entertaining new concept project with tomtomorrow‘s “this modern world“. the exchange of indeas includes the “reign of terror” and illustrations of the anti-people concept of “nothing has happened therefore i am a winner”.   “valleylist” got as far as the “car up there” on the cover of new yorker magazine 9.28.2009.   the success of the agenda to get behind the news made further advances with the sfweekly cover 10.28.2009 “revolt” depicting a total revolt in response to the “reign of terror”. the actual article was titled “no justice” and was a great walk through the reality of the bio-engineered financial crash of the early 21st century. the additional behind the news success story is the metro cover story “rock” or officially “rocktober“.   yet again a “valleylist” agenda project because inspite of the republican reign of terror people need to rock and get things done.   the “valleylist” objective is to get results for high tech and the business agenda of the technology and political leaders shaping the future.   there is only one “valleylist” and here it is.      

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