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 + apple sells 1 million ipads outdoing first iphone

 + tech industry exploding chips sales up more than 50 percent

 + black eyed peas break digital sales record

 + syndication big winner says financial times new york times

 + google to start selling electronic books for any device

CELL PHONES changed the world. over 80% of the population owns a cell phone. there are a lot of differences between products. what most people aspire to is “full-color querty keyboard 10 digit phone dialer with voice recognition built in internet social groups as well as camera and video also includes scheduler memo internet access address book games and the newest apps”. “valleylist” likes the apple iphone with touch screen. nokia sells the most cell phones world wide. google wants to design the operating system [the android]. apple’s touchscreen full screen browser interface has become the new industry standard. voice recognition is not popular and text messaging accounts for almost as much cell phone use as talking on the phone. even the very expensive cell phones are a good value because they provide a lot of functionality. cheap cell phones are almost a godsend because they strive to provide the same functionality and almost always succeed.   the world’s largest cell phone companies shipped 295 million cell phones in the 1st quarter 2010. #3.lg electronics #4.research in motion and erikson according to the idc report mobile phone recovery continues. surprisingly apple came out top u.s.a. cell phone maker in first quarter.      

“valleylist” list of top 10 cell phones   

1. nokia 5800 xpressmusic cell phone yahoo shopping

 – – almost as popular

nokia n900 cell phone yahoo shopping

nokia 5530 xpressmusic cell phone yahoo shopping

nokia n97 mini black smartphone yahoo shopping

nokia x6 black smartphone yahoo shopping impression a877 wirefly

 – – almost as popular

samsung mythic a897 wirefly

samsung highlight t749 wirefly

samsung moment reviews

3.lg env3 vx9200 wirefly

  – – almost as popular

lg chocolate touch wirefly

4.rim blackberry bold 9700 smartphone yahoo shopping

blackberry bold 9700 cnet

blackberry bold 9700 wirefly

blackberry bold 9700 reviews

 – – almost as popular

blackberry storm 2 reviews

blackberry curve 8330 wirefly

blackberry curve 8900 wirefly

blackberry Tour 9630  reviews

5. c510a cyber-shot black cell phone yahoo shopping

 – – almost as popular

w518a black cell phone yahoo shopping

walkman w995a black cell phone yahoo shopping

sony ericsson w810i walkman cell phone yahoo shopping iphone 3g black cell phone yahoo shopping

 – – almost as popular

apple iphone 3g s 16 gb cell phone yahoo shopping

apple iphone 3gs cnet

apple iphone 3gs 32gb reviews

apple iphone 3g s 32 gb cell phone yahoo shopping

apple iphone 3gs 16gb reviews

7.motorola a855 droid smartphone yahoo shopping

motorola droid cnet

droid by motorola wirefly

motorola droid reviews

 – – almost as popular

motorola cliq reviews

8.palm pre plus cnet

 – – almost as popular

palm pre reviews hero with google wirefly

 – – almost as popular

htc droid eris reviews

htc tilt 2 black smartphone yahoo shopping

htc droid incredible cnet

10. virgin mobile pre-paid

 – – almost as popular

alltel prepaid

tracfone prepaid

more information at prepaid reviews

source: yahoo shopping cnet wirefly’s top 10 phones top10reviews

conclusion. the cell phone is almost as ubiquitous as the television. as functionality increases and prices drop it’s the device to have. even computer adoption is a small phenomenon compared to the cell phone. that’s the real cutting edge for new technology. cell phone usage has shifted dramatically to smartphones says comscore. in fact most cell phone users are internet subscribers as well.      

internet research for cell phones precluded in store visits. reviews from the geeksquad at best buy will have to wait. in fact cellular stores are very often too obscure and unfriendly.      

let’s rock. organic says the fight is on. who has the biggest list is the only question on the table. “valleylist” is young by comparison. the big guys like yahoo and google have been around forever. i appeal to tom tomorrow himself. why is it up to the high tech fbi and law enforcement to try to set public policy? special agent mueller is out of his mind to keep messing around. he’s so far gone i thought he changed his name to mark mueller. “valleylist” plans a business at 5% of the jihad crazed big guys. the objective is to pick people up. the goal is get business going. the fed says just drop the hood project and waste of time projects.  

i say mueller needs to take his gang with him and just quit.  

for example myspace is picking a fight. they want even more members. the strategy is go pop culture. myspace is starting out as the largest internet social group with 120 million active users world wide and over 72 million active users in the u.s.a. the leading internet social group is actively looking for a jump on new membership. why not double it? nielsen says facebook is trying to take the top spot. “time spent on facebook up 700 percent”. as a new start up facebook didn’t hesitate to take on myspace and the other big internet social groups. unfortunately facebook redesigned and ended up looking too much like myspace. what sets myspace apart from the facebook is myspace music and myspace video. it’s not up to mtv standards for the latest artists music news and videos.   more pop culture multi-media reengineering ahead.  

the “valleylist” myspace project is more syndication mania. first of all myspace is a newscorp rupert murdoch company. that’s the media pioneer who launched fox bought the wall street journal and decided to dabble in multi-media. “valleylist” compared the larry king live and howard stern “king of all media” myspace pages.  

howard stern vs. larry king. who’s the most syndicated talk show host in history?  

larry king’s biography reveals king virtually launched radio and then did the same for cnn. what else? larry king sues insurance company and everybody else on his way to a multi-million dollary syndication deal. no backing down. larry king sues for 8th divorce. larry king’s syndication company westwood one keeps an eye on deals and has sued a lot of people over ratings and contractual problems. larry king earns $7 million a year from cnn and is at the same syndication company as bill oreilly’s “talking points”.  

howard stern on the other hand simply declared himself the king of all media. stern put himself in radio television print and satellite syndication. stern’s agency don buchwald and associates handles the early rounds. then stern steps up to the moment. as a result howard stern is a forbes top celebrity. with the sirius satellite radio deal up for grabs again expect more legal problems. that’s what happens when people mess up a big deal. for example cbs radio sues howard stern and agent over sirius move and of course sirius and howard stern sue cbs. try the youtube clip howard stern sirius radio for a glimpse of the fun.   in reality the most syndicated television program currently on television is the wheel of fortune. the oprah winfrey show is the only talk show in the top 10. the tv guide top 50 shows of all time says seinfeld is the top syndicated television program ever. david letterman the only talk show in the top 50. shameless self promoters stern and king don’t show up in the list of top syndicated programs of all time.   in fact these guys are famous for pioneering syndication and coming up with original content. they really break through interviewing guests nobody else gets. regis philbin another syndication industry leader is still on air with live with regis and kelly. also a syndication innovator don imus is still on radio and television with his syndicated show. there you have it. a few real media pioneers who still make a fortune in syndication money. we’re talking a $400 million deal for howard stern just to help launch the sirius radio network. larry king has a multi-million dollar deal with cnn.  

final results.  

larry king takes pride as the longest-running host of the same show on the same network in the same time slot says the detroit free press.  

howard stern’s salary is $300 million per year from radio television publishing and syndication. not bad for the self-described “king of all media”.  

speaking of syndication mania “valleylist” is in the news again with the new york times photo of young adults rounded up sent to a remote island. the point of the article is the real price of the republican hit on the american economy.   this kind of problem has surfaced in the u.s.a. before and it’s made a comeback thanks to the “hate crime” project from the bush-cheney people. it’s a surprising disregard for human life. these are people who want to promote human suffering and abuse to the point of trying to eliminate people. obama turned it down.   “valleylist” says cultural imperialism and indexing hair salons go hand in hand. a new magical mystery tour “head” for san francisco city hall? this time it’s a zhang “buddha“. sf bay guardian likes the hair salon index so much it’s mentioned in the small business cover.  

on the sponsorship advertising and syndication front “valleylist” is focusing on original content. sticking to publishing these days is the stragetic plan.  

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with a cell phone the entire world is almost at your fingertips. if it’s networking try facebook mobile. if that doesn’t work go with yahoo mobile for news and information. “valleylist” has rated these as the tops for networking and news. myspace is a little too fun and games. i’d say pop culture requires a myspace redesign. like other big internet success stories the question really is what did myspace do in the first place to become so popular?  

it’s a howard stern kind of world.

greg mckenna



all rights reserved


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