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READ ONLY MEMORY AND DATA STORAGE are the fundamental building blocks of the computer. read only memory or rom is a “semi-conductor-based computer memory that stores program code that the central processing unit [cpu] can read by not write to”.
from punch cards to high density disc the industry has had to find a way to store all the data processed by the microprocessor. the other components are ram [random access memory] the cpu [central processing unit] and data storage “the permanent holding place for digital data until purposely erased. storage mostly means magnetic disks magnetic tapes and optical discs”.
the next big innovation is to connect all computers large and small to a universal network like the internet.
vinton cerf inventor of the internet is the “valleylist” avatar this week.
ram stores and processes programs every time you use your computer. the more ram your computer has the more data can be loaded from the hard drive.
the cpu is the computational and control unit of a computer system the cpu controls the interpretation and execution of instructions.
the evolution of the computer includes lots of bad ideas marketed and eventually phased out. it’s a market driven economy. survivors are new technologies that work for business or the ordinary consumer. the objective is to processes a lot of information accurately and add new functionality. computers that don’t work can’t justify their shelf space.
runmyprocess workflow integration is typical of google apps. no real entertainment or pop culture appeal. where are all the good google apps anyway.
top 10 data storage companies
[includes businesses that provide data storage and networking as well as companies in all aspects of the computer business]
#. company – – $rev – – line of business profile – – product news – – $58.20B- – storage and computers – – michael dell plans reforms
– – – – 
silicon valley internet companies like yahoo and google have their own data storage and network factilities. storage products and services are purchased from the large companies like these. the data storage and network business is based on advanced software and hardware that provides nearly 100% up time to handle billions of transactions every day.
rom ram romulus and reamus might well be the title of a new top 10 book from silicon valley pioneers like google founders larry page or serge brin.
actually vinton cerf did all the work.
vinton cerf’s contribution was an innovation needed to connect defense department and university computers. internet protocol or “tcp / ip” protocol was invented while cerf was a graduate student at ucla working on the arpanet project.. the tcp / ip protocol is a communications standard later that later evolved into a computer program “to connect various independent networks together to form one large network of networks-the internet”. accessing and displaying data from a large network of mainframe computers at different geographic locations.
it was big data processing companies like ip sharp and academic institutions like stanford and mit that exploited the new “internet” that connected all these different networks. actual commercial exploitation of the internet had to wait until cern took the next step and developed the world wide web [www] internet adress standard. marc adreessen invented mosaic that later became the netscape browser. yang and filo came up with yahoo. the internet got so big commercially that aol had to join in on the gold rush. with an immense gold rush mentality and computers flying off the shelves a few people declared a new empire. bill gates steve balmer paul allen claimed the software business. steve jobs claimed the hardware business. yang and filo claimed the internet.
it was like romulus and remus founding a new high tech empire.
every company needed some kind of internet presence. big new companies like ebay and were launched overnight just to commercialize the internet.
the top 10 internet companies these days include internet companies like yahoo google ebay facebook aol and as well as traditional mass communications companies like cbs newscorp apple and microsoft, the latest world wide numbers say almost 2 billion people have used the internet says world Internet usage statistics.
these days it’s the food business and the event business. if it’s food then people should be able to get together and eat something. arbitrary starvation in mass quantities is out of the question. as for events sorry the point of the event is to meet people and get important business going. fire the “bad d central” group of people and let’s get back to computing which is where the real fun is.
tomtomorrow says the new social code in the post-silicon era is “nothing is going to happen until i get what i want”. then nothing happens. surprise. the “scooter” people declare themselves the winners.
i’d rather watch live network broadcast television and become a workaholic.
olympia. bryan ferry news of a peculiar kind. sf hair salons come through. a new album titled after the gas station where tom ridge dropped me off to finally finish a highly contentious hostage drama. the olympia gas station menlo park just off 101 south a few miles away from the san jose melt down. yet again dropped off and not yet picked up by new people. to this very day local police still do not want me meeting people because of criminal and civil legal problems resulting from the tom ridge “tom” incident. the new bryan ferry album olympia. just short of avalon. music available on myspace. cd on i look great with my bryan ferry haircut. former sjpd chief robert davis still has no future. davis spent the last few weeks of his career in san jose trying to “get on top” of the “valleylist” project. that’s in addition to trying to make a move to the lapd or the houston chief job. instead it’s still all hood and only hood with davis. out on a limb. hand me a saw. “valleylist” says stick to the basic business. get it right. the organic agency deal and a $53,000 check for helping the government solve a few marketing problems are all i need. intstead it’s police harassment and a “market trial” on how to “use” people and “ruin” people. well the “valleylist” people won’t be doing the “new hood” project anyway. too busy coming up with a real future.
– – – –
“avatar editions” – – planned titles
1. interactive television by special request  [philo t farnsworth] – – completed
2. display screen or touch screen [steve jobs] – – completed
3. the microprocessor [bill gates] – – completed
4. read only memory and data storage [vinton cerf] < – – – – current version
5. connectivity [marc andreeseen and jim clark] – – to be scheduled
6. electricity [jerry yang and david filo] – – to be scheduled
7. new technology [nolan bushnell] – – to be scheduled
8. technology by the numbers [trip hawkins] – – to be scheduled
9. avatars and high tech personas [hideo sony video game designer] – – to be scheduled
10. aol – – the special edition [elon musk] – – to be scheduled
11. i read the news today oh boy [inventor of the cell phone] – – to be scheduled
– – – –
for more information look up “valleylist” avatars syndication version. 
– – – –
the only people i know of who look as good as next emperor are barack obama himself or hillary clinton bill clinton condoleezza rice nancy pelosi or michael bloomberg and maybe al sharpton. the republicans are ridiculous.
conclusion. from the high school student’s $100 netbook to google’s immense multi-billion dollar data center the basic technology is the same. it’s rom ram the cpu and data storage. i don’t think there’s ever been anything quite like the computer revolution. the industrial revolution, the publishing revolution. perhaps even the invention of the wheel. go back a little further. there was the bronze age. the iron age. the computer billionaires and their immense groups of people have already revolutionized society. almost too big to be dealt with they are quashed by the regulatory structure and find themselves limited to what the market will tolerate. i don’t think the “new hood” revolution is here to stay. the silicon age robber barons learned early on that the path to wealth requires social and market acceptance. here in san francisco the next stage is the police society with law enforcement aiding and abbetting in keeping everybody hooked on bad drugs. confused? take the last exit to olympia instead of a big business meeting. you’ll find yourself with no future. play a game all day instead of getting to work on time and finding ways to add value and it’s the end of the century with no new beginning. thank the republicans and their police state buddies for running around destroying everything and you’ll want to seek the comforts of home and real enetertainment involving the living. i’m voting democrat this next election.
greg mckenna
all rights reserved
“valleylist” is a free weekly internet newsletter with the focus of technology and politics distributed to 5 million readers. copyright greg mckenna.

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