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+ if americans vote would they back deficit report

+ shut down wikileaks its not that easy

+ facebook rolling out changes to profile pages

+ bp world cup miley top yahoo‘s 2010 search terms

+ u.s.a. secures networks as hackers advance



NEW TECHNOLOGY has hit a limit. weather it’s the recession or the lack of an affordable product there’s stagnation in the new technology product area. the latest high demand product continues to be the cell phone however an affordable all electric car is all that the consumer wants. solar power is too technologically limited and expensive to really win mass acceptance. digital television remains a government project limited by difficult bureaucracy and expensive technology.


nolan bushnell inventor of the arcade video game and founder of atari is the “valleylist” avatar this week. for more on bushnell’s phenomenal career read metroactive nolan bushnell no pain no game.


all i want for christmas is the 11″ apple airbook. other than that it’s the motorola droid incredible. most desirable is the space x commercial voyage into outer space. i’ll probably end up with lots of new clothes and my dream guest lectureship at stanford.


“valleylist” scores again in the arts and culture arena. after the massive success of the youtube guggenheim biennial it’s time for a more local timeless tribute.


a rocketship sculpture where i stopped many years ago. the phone company fiasco in full swing. stopping at the tiny seating area just off the embarcadero freeway. taking in the view of the bay.


a few weeks later everybody was fired.

 a few were arrested.


today it’s the raygun gothic rocketship. across the bay from treasure island.


i think the sculpture was designed and installed with the express purpose of finishing off a long and costly conflict over what exactly can be found at the end of the rainbow. while some retired politicians thought it might be a pot of gold it probably is high technology and politics. read more at the raygun gothic rocket website.

unsavory ways of making money fell out of favor during the early part of the 21st century.


apple itunes is the app of the week. 11 years of and a billion music downloads for the apple ipad iphone or ipod and nano according to the apple store union square. “valleylist” favorites from the beatles itunes store are here comes the sun sun king all across the universe and magical mystery tour.
top 10 new technology trends
# trend – – – – leading product – – – – forcast
1.all electric cars – – – – tesla roadster chevy volt – – – – very high growth
2.cell phones – – – – hokia n95 motorola droid – – – – maturing
3.tablet computers and ereaders – – – – apple ipad sony reader amazon kindle – – – – very high growth
4.economic recession – – – – federal deficit $2 trillion – – – – deadly recession expanding
5.high tech eduacation – – – – stanford mit cmu harvard – – – – high growth limited capacity
6.wi fi – – – – top 10 routers – – – – high demand low quality service
7.the digital television transition – – – – world wide weak supply – – – – consumer interest very high ubiquity – – – – yahoo news abc news – – – – very mature leading products all inclusive power – – – – consumer usage limited – – – – new industry fighting entrenched players expensive technology groups – – – – myspace facebook – – – – high growth vulnerable to superior technology from competitors
technology distribution problems the world wide economic downturn a sparcity of trained and educated knowledge workers and techical ease-of-use problems are severly limiting the growth of high tech. meanwhile advanced functionality on mobile platforms at a very low cost is walking away with the high tech market place. in other words buy a cheap smart phone with internet access and you’re in the game.
or any kind of digital picture frame.
also recommended are no contract cell phones like the nokia 2080 the samsung t30lg or the lg flare from virgin mobile [my favorite cell phone].
wired magazine recommends 100 things for christmas starting with a 2 minute coffee maker the danyo high design speakers an old new eco friendly bicycle and apple tv.


communication breakdown [1969] is among the many symtoms of extensive overwork or high tech fatigue. in reality the original self-title led zepplin album was all hard rock and blues. i can’t quit you and dazed and confused are blues from the stratosphere while how many more times opens the door to the truely original sound coming from led zep.

since the crash of the german hindenberg zepplin only a few political administrations have promised a world wide disaster like the bush-cheney administration. a lot of the problems holding back high tech are coming from washington d.c. a bizarre insistence on messing around. the led zepplin rock group bypassed the entire political mainstream and focused on music that ended up dwarfing an entire conservative political era. that’s what “valleylist” is looking for. left in the hands of the “compromise” and “i need a deal” people the u.s.a. and consequently the rest of the world will continue to wallow in end-of-century self-pity and admire their own lack of innovation and anti-newness.
making copies of famous works was popular around the end of the 18th century. other than that it’s difficult to find an example of a political agenda and set of social standards more derivative than the bush-cheney gang. they are truely anti-progress and want to make everybody sit around and do nothing while they prove their point. what’s even worse is a bizarre law enforcement agenda to make it legal to steal. all of this while fbi director mueller amuses himself with fantasies of a “hood” generation and excons and drag queens in charge of everything. unlikely to really happen. wait. didn’t that already happen in san francisco around 1979?
best advice is stay out of trouble and keep busy.
my response. a new “valleylist” promotional tour. the comedy show at the red devil lounge on tuesday 11.30.2010 went very well. conclusion. take the easy win.

the nighclub schedule
comedy open mics tour of san francisco nightclubs 7:30pm

 for more information look up
salon or saloon. historic internet news and information service publishing since the 1990’s. a dominant force in san francisco internet publishing. top rated content from their own editorial group. national and international focus. includes impressive web properties like tomtomorrow’s it’s a modern world the well open salon and technology and business.
problem. salon looks a little too much like us news and world report circa 1999. less emphasis on news-right-off-the-wire and more original content should send salon through the stratosphere. a redesign away from traditional multi-column layout with red borders would help. each article starts with a brief article lead on the front page. just a few lines of text and a link. “valleylist” recommends entire short artilces on the front page with longer articles on the other pages. redesign the front page entire to join the 21st century. finally more emphesis on product differentiation is needed.
salon is a leader for san francisco publishers trying new formats and publishing models according to a sf based 7×7 magazine article. yet their interest in experimental journalism doesn’t make it as far as their latest edition.
1.sun – – st lukes church 12.05.2010
 2.mon – – hotel utah 12.06.2010
3.tues – – red devil lounge 12.07.2010
 4.fri – – cafe international 12.10.2010


take a tip from “valleylist”. innovative approach to high tech journalism is the new game. even organic says it looks good.

“avatar editions” – – planned titles
#. title – – – – – – – – – – – [avatar] – – schedule

1. interactive television by special request [philo t farnsworth] – – completed

 2. display screen or touch screen [steve jobs] – – completed

3. the microprocessor [bill gates] – – completed

4. read only memory and data storage [vinton cerf] – – completed

5. connectivity [marc andreessen] – –  completed

6. electricity [jerry yang and david filo] – – completed


– – – – new weekly schedule – – – –

holiday special – – – – thanksgiving avatar [tim berners lee] 11.25.2010 – – completed technology [nolan bushnell] 12.04.2010 < – – current version

8. technology by the numbers [trip hawkins] 12.11.2010

9. avatars and high tech personas [hideo sony video game designer] 12.17.2010

10. aol – – the special edition [elon musk] 12.20.2010

holiday special – – – – christmas avatar [santa claus] 12.25.2010

11. i read the news today oh boy [henry luce] 01.01.2010

for more information look up “valleylist” avatars syndication version.

from outer space to pay-as-you-go cell phones new technology world wide needs a market. difficulties from overly complicated technology or government bureaucracy are nothing new. the latest impossible problem is real mass marketing on a global scale. try the salon approach and end up seeming parochial and out of it.

i say saloon.

greg mckenna



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technology analysis. virgin galactic and space x have been booking ’round trip outerspace excursions for years at $250,000 per flight. obviously not for everybody. the tesla roadster launched the all-electric-car revolution starting at $137,000 each car. not for everybody. mass marketing high tech is a different problem to solve. the technological breakthroughs mentioned above come from silicon valley. the latest innovation is of course the apple ipad at around $500. again not for everybody. hp breaks the mold with the top selling computers in the world. based right here in silicon valley.
yet if it’s christmas presents you are after consumer reports says try the



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