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+ wwdc introduces new lion os and icloud

– – apple os x lion

– – apple icloud

+ did steve jobs just kill the pc?

+ steve jobs keynote address for wwdc says all you need to know

+ sony unviels next gen device “vita”

+ e3 digital game expo news releases

– – e3 highlights from microsoft and big 3





DIGITAL VIDEO AND TELEVISION started with a new kind of camera. media experts wanted to use digital technology to display images more clearly and accurately. solution. use existing 3/4 inch video tape to digitally encode and manipulate video images. also required was compatibility with existing television network and display technologies.

many years later the digital camcorder is among the top selling consumer products world wide.


sony d-1 [the first digital video format] is the “valleylist” avatar this week. eventually used at large networks the d-1 format was uncompressed digital video recorded onto 3/4″ video tape. first commercially introduced in 1986 the new sony format was for professionals only and required expensive upgrades to all television station equipment. the resulting video image was heralded as an immediate success displaying superb image quality. d-1 format was the first digital video commercial product.


sony wasn’t so successful with betamax. infact the sony video cassette recorder resulted in a very expensive marketplace war with jvc’s less expensive vhs standard. betamax finally lost to vhs. consumers were happy with a less expensive and somewhat lower picture quality video standard.


“valleylist” has prepared a youtube playlist of new videos.


all “valleylist” favorite videos are on youtube.

top 10 digital video cameras

[based on amazon consumer electronics online sales]


1.flip ultrahd video camera 8 gb 2 hours (3rd generation)

2.kodak playsport (zx3) hd waterproof pocket video camera bundle

3.kodak zi8 pocket video camera

4.gopro hd motorsports hero camera hdc-tm90k 3d compatible camcorder 16gb flash memory camileo s20 full hd pocket camcorder hdr-cx160 high definition handycam camcorder

8.sanyo vpc-gh2 hd camcorder and 14 mp camera w/12x optical zoom bloggie touch (mhs-ts20/b) 8 gb 4 hours

10.contour hd camera

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source electronics

“we just decided to suck” said the san francisco police department. ever since it’s been a “cop watch” kind of world.


unfortunately they were talking to me.


the reason. i found myself caught in a web of phone company intrigue. next up a real mob “hit”. what’s worse the sfpd still wants to convince me that they suck. hey i’m busy. go bully somebody else. copwatch is an organization that keeps an eye on law enforcement. just in case they forget the real job. protect and serve. don’t convince me. millions of other copwatch members agree. just do the job. copwatch weapon of choice.


the videocamera. reason. it’s admissible in court.


have your digital camcorder with you at all times. the inevitable “bad” thing will happen when you least expect it. somebody hassles you for no reason. the police stop an innocent pedestrian for stepping off the curb. copwatch people are concerned and videotape the suspicious incident. sure enough it’s good tip off. somebody set up a law enforcement burn on an innocent civilian. could be any reason. in my case it was a conflict with phone company excons who had inside connections with the police and complained that they needed to “take me out”.


the sfpd and law enforcement decided to keep sucking.


they are actually so certain that their people are “right” that i myself and millions of others cannot safely do anything by ourselves. the latest police gang comes from “anti-people” who want the world to end so that humanity can degenerate into total chaos. the strong will overwhelm the smart and rule by force instead of reason.


all of this was discussed with a high society informant from intel. i was portraying intel founder andy grove as a liberal. i thought grove was right. look at intel.

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06.09.2011 – – 14_digital video and television [sony] v162  <- – current edition

06.16.2011 – – 15_digital photography and cameras [george eastman] v163

06.23.2011 – – 16_digital television [fcc chairman julius genachowski] v164

06.30.2011 – – 17_cable television [gerald levin] v165

07.07.2011 – – 18_television networks [william s paley] v166

07.14.2011 – – 19_television and cable news v167

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planned titles and sponsorship is online. “valleylist” remains focused on movies film and video. new sponsors needed. cash only. forget starbucks.

publishing schedule includes all editions through the end of the year. in between try free museum and art events. frameline historic movies at the sf main library and new films at the roxie cinema. northbeach artwalk was the latest off-the-calendar event. what’s that tank doing in the middle of the art gallery anyway?



“home of the future” (utopia manque) my latest painting is on display at 1009 market street [near sixth] san francisco. starting price $500 [painting #13 in the storefront window] from the “utopia” show. “home of the future” is based on the monsanto house of the future a mass produced plastic house. after 500 demo homes the product was discontinued. other lower cost building materials were more successful. however there are hundreds monsanto houses around the most famous of which is in disneyland.

conclusion. digital television first appeared in the 1980’s as led lcd plasma and hdtv television sets. however without the digital television network or cable network the sets just look a lot better than ordinary television.


they weren’t really displaying digital television.


the needed digital network and cable hardware is taking shape as a massive digital conversion. supposedly completed in 2009.


the extraordinary success of youtube for digital internet video and tivo for television-based digital recording confirms there’s a market out there.


the breakthrough technology came from sony. new video technology that changed people’s lives.


presenting the mtv music video. just a 3 to 5 minute music video – – a new mtv programming concept from the 1980’s. the music video format continues to drive internet video and television technology.


i want my mtv.






greg mckenna






all rights reserved 




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