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ELECTRONIC MAGAZINES for your ebook or ereader abound. the top 10 consumer magazines are available electronically. nearly every popular magazine can be found on either the ipad or the kindle ereader. “valleylist” ebook publishing surveyed the top books and found almost the same result. kindle was more complete. apple itunes did not carry the titles “le petit prince” “get lucky: planned serendipity” “the president’s club” “fast and furious: barack obama’s scandal” “drift: unmooring american military power” and “alien” [from the movie]. the digital version of the encyclopedia britannica is only available from itunes canada. the biggest publishing companies have invested heavily in ereaders that display books magazines newspapers and even television news.

top 10 magazines [readers] – – – – ipad – – kindle
1.reader’s digest [8m] – – – – x – – – – x
2.better homes and gardens [7.7m] – – – – x – – – – x
3.national geographic [5m] – – – – x – – – – x
4.good housekeeping [4.9] – – – – x – – – – x
5.woman’s day magazine [4.0m] – – – – x – – – – x circle [4.0m] – – – – x – – – – x
7.ladies home journal [4.0m] – – – – no – – – – x
8.people [3.7m] – – – – x – – – – x
9.time magazine [3.5m] – – – – x – – – – x
10.esquire [3.5m] – – – – x – – – – x
– – – –
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the headlines and top 10 links for the latest “valleylist” are included in the youtube playlist and all playlists are included in “valleylist” videos. “valleylist” focus on publishing is leading up to the may edition 5.05 and the publishing war between tech titans google and microsoft. the world’s favorite print magazine publishing companies have put their products on ereaders including reader’s digest assoc [130m] time warner [100m] conde nast [82m] hearst corporation [73m] national geographic [40m] hatchette fillipachi [40m] and wennermedia [27m]. a few anomalies in magazine publishing also found their way to the ereader for example the world’s #1 publication aarp magazine [ipad] [kindle] and bulletin [ipad] [26m] find their popularity from memberships. other odd items include aaa publications [3.7m] and game informer [3.5m] aarp magazine [ipad] [kindle] and bulletin [ipad] [26m]. most importantly those interested in readers need to know that the flower logo on new apple ipad3 advertisement appears to be a magnolia in fact it is a hibiscus. for pioneering content and design look up the daily. from virgin.

publishing and regulatory. “valleylist” 2012 adds a weekly focus on publishing and regulatory including the real time “valleylist” newsfeed. magazines don’t require special regulatory oversight. this week the focus is instead on the department of justice [doj] which directs the fbi alcohol tobacco and firearms the secret service and federal marshals. the doj enforces the laws of the land and specifically legal decisions from court cases and regulatory agencies. copyright and trademark law applies to magazines as it applies to newspapers and print products. the entire publishing industry is subject however to anti-trust and conflict-of-interest rules based important legal cases that lead to the sherman anti-trust act. electronic magazines have yet to require specific regulation. longevity of print and electronic magazines will probably require regulatory guidelines at some point. right now publishers market their electronic editions as “apps” that require the reader install the app then download the latest edition as required.

conclusion. ipad magazines are lots of fun. the kindle fire does a good job with magazine style graphics and content. not yet a real replacement for the glossy look and feel of a good magazine like time or people. follow the lead of cutting edge magazines like popular science and interview to really find what’s interesting in the new technology. most publishing companies need a high tech creative group to really explore and publish the best looking and most effective electronic magazines. apple should have taken the lead with this computer graphics intensive new technology. instead publishers and content providers absorb the risk.

greg mckenna

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