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Consumer Electronics Show 01.08.2009

+ green people need to join “the PickensPlan

‘New York Times’ creates book for news junkies

Top 10 Mistakes in High Tech Marketing

Stores cut prices to entice post-holiday shoppers

NEW YEARS in silicon valley is likely to be cold and wintery if not down right hostile.

back east Dominick Dunne is among america ‘s very brightest people. the quasi-religious observance of the new year just must be cheery and bright. plans are to hole up in a great house of a friend – – way out in the forest – – all by himself for weeks and weeks and write a new great work of fiction and have friends stop by.

that’s the real deal.

all the rest is just toast and old movies.

other important suggestions are to take advantage of the great new years opportunities with the great chefs of silicon valley. their events provide a great value and very often an unforgettable experience. problem could be safe driving which is why they invented the designated drive rule – – don’t drink and drive.

with the san jose police arresting drunks and letting real criminals go free – – even after getting into trouble with city hall. “valleylist” got a brief greeting from the ATF – –

ATF – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives . they actually arrest criminals and dropped off a warning that the police do not need to re-engineer “the hood” problem so that everybody has to help them deal with their hood. people are too busy. the added risk is very dangerous. ordinary civilians do not have law enforcement waiting arround to help them in a real crisis.

still waiting for my christmas present – – a dell laptop – – like the mini 9.

NEWS NEEDS TO BE NEW (sm) the end of 2008 finds “valleylist” developing a “spin the bottle application” for facebook and the internet. spin the bottle and whoever the bottle is pointing at is “the one” who gets to decide what everybody gets done that day. All the loosers go “the other side” which is the side of people who did not win. it’s a social group concept and fun thing for the future.

This year “valleylist” news needs to be new (sm) came up with these newest news recommendations – –

yahoo mobile for “headline” news

facebook mobile for “networking”

weirdo news release of the year – – steve jobs won’t attend apple’s macworld this year. Trusted facebook connection eric savitz ericsavitz@… assumes it’s something like this

Eric Apple Survey:

Why is Steve not going to to Macworld:

a) He’s Sick

b) They Have Nothing New

c) He’s feuding with IDG

d) Something else.

with 01.01.2009 coming up these are the new titles “valleylist” is planning

– – the latest technology

– – where new technology comes from

– – latest versions of important software

– – tourism

suggestions welcome

those interested try the new “valleylist” publishing schedule at facebook.

MAYOR OF THE WEEK chuck reed started to solve some real problems in san jose just lately. chuck reed’s first year in office concludes that the 34 new initatives are underway. people are wondering was that only a year because it seemed like from here to eternity . not far afield from domminick dunne our mayor chuck reed needs to get to safety and leave the bankrupt agenda of the 1980’s behind. supervisor reed spent 8 years in district 4. also avatar of the week chuck has listed his accomplishments on the city of san jose internet service.

green vision

sunshine reform task force

gang prevention task force

the reed reforms

a radical independent – – reed is a mayor who fell in with a group of people who demanded they do things as quickly as possible. as a result reed ended up getting nothing done – – nothing at all. San José City Council leans on everybody and if you wait until the last minute it’s likely to cost more and not end up a real workable solution.

for example it was supposed to be light rail to bart project with a big investment in silicon valley. it went the other way. the other big example is reed’s difficulty finding people who can solve problems as opposed to letting everything simmer until there’s just a lot of people checking in and paying a lot of bills.

my complaint like a lot of businesses in san jose is that after 46 weeks of results with a real business there is no deal with the city. talk to the library they are interested in a deal. the police want in on a publishing business and yet no meeting and no deal. instead says the reed / davis adminstration “i need it in the hospital” . then after the hospital it’s a “tammy fae” joke instead of a deal.

fraud is not far off.

what i like most about chuck reed is the real interest in obtaining value for the city of san jose . that’s what got Carl Guardino Jerry Brown Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Mayor Gavin Newsom involved in the mayor’s success. the big difficulty – – the endless political impass while people attempt to con people with a new way of doing business. here’s the unbelievable critical problem – – is it ok to just be bad all the time. result – – of course it’s a big mistake. everything and everybody ends up damaged. businesses loose customers newspapers like the mercury news leave town and “the hood” has no new ideas execpt to terrorize people or worse, drive the away.

the ultimate result is a cannibalization of the city revenue base and finally massive debt – – like the $34 billion defict that the city of san jose is facing.

>> npr and new years

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music – – Songs Of The Year: 2008’s Best Music

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youtube – –  Happy New Year 2009 – aof pongsak Reflections, Emotions, Moving Forward, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year London New Year Fireworks Tiësto New Years Eve 2009, Roseland Ballroom New York


LET’S MOVE THE FOOD AROUND this is the zaney new idea for getting out of trouble and meeting new people and making money in a brand new way. it’s the fun of finding ways to send the food to the food people. they then get it to those who need it. here’s my “let’s move the food around” list of people

it’s a “valleylist” project that’s more than charity and less than a virtual world war.

– – let’s move the food around to

salvation army [food and help for poor and homeless]

sacred heart [services and food for poor and homeless]

re:generation [virgin mobile helps homeless teens]

– – high tech donations like computers and monitors go to

salvation army taylor street san jose

content and design exclusive to “valleylist”

greg mckenna



2910 stevens creek blvd. #109-503

san jose ca 95102

sponsor rates $4,600 a week or $165,000 first year

special editions – – new product actions – – custom mailings negotiable

consulting $65 an hour

greg mckenna









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