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valleylist (sm) friday 08.14.2009 v79 r.1

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 + u.s.a. recession seen ending in third quarter

 + google provides peek into new search engine

 + ebay gm to start trial program to sell new cars

 + nasa wants space taxis

 + scripps posts quarterly profit $2.7m


think of silicon valley as silicon processors and the internet.

or the internet on a chip.

no need for new people to accomplish this simple technological leap.

yet outside of silicon valley there are people doing high tech in a way that defies logic. “valleylist” wondered “is microsoft interested in silicon valley” only to find a hostile take over effort doomed from the first.

eventually the microsoft “hit” was left to fall off the vine with a someday search deal and no real microsoft involvement. a very expensive way to solve that riddle.

people who should live in silicon valley are forbes billionaires who really make a difference in a silicon valley kind of way. they are pioneers who like high tech publishing and entertainment. to really give silicon valley inventors and entrepreneurs some competition area billionaires like lawrence ellison  sergey brin larry page and jerry yang  [“valleylist” v58 r.1 – – wealthiest and most influential] could use some company.

>rupert murdoch the new avatar with newscorp wants to be the demagogue of the twentyfirst century. objective. dominate the news and entertainment business. murdoch is famous for turning a few small investments into a $50 billion multi-media empire. rupert murdoch’s official biography profiles building one of the biggest media empires in the world. from fox broadcasting company to the wall street journal to myspace the newscorp vision is total publishing and entertainment. only a few competitors come to mind like mercury news parent medianews group the san francisco chronicle’s parent hearst media properties the mcclatchy newspapers and cable television pioneer cnn. what “valleylist” likes most is newscorp’s innovative programming concepts and news.

>jeffrey bezos has “valleylist” really wondering where amazon usage comes from and how many members they have. with $19-20 billion yearly revenue amazon leaves no question that the acquisition of netflix is the right way to get there. do you kindle?  is amazon’s latest success. more information at “valleylist”  – – amazon – – the special edition.

>one of these three microsoft people william gates III steve ballmer or paul allen. it’s microsoft who made operating systems and computer software universal and accessable. a $64 billion company in 2008 microsoft is an all around winner with company leadership calling the shots.

>ross perot sr after selling his startup electronic data systems for $15 billion to hewlett packard perot needs a new sales assignment. silicon valley might seem a little too chummy right next door to his biggest customer so far. yet there’s room a new ross perot high tech adventure. perot considers himself a salesman first and a billionaire later.

>michael dell inventor of the dell computer company and a driving force in computer hardware. a $61 billion company dell helped bring ibm into the world of real compeition. lots of innovation planned from the dell side of life as #1 pc supplier to medium and small businesses.

>michael bloomberg mayor of new york city needs something else to do after turning new york city into a pro-business mecca. new york city thrives on media publishing entertainment and high tech. bloomberg news a privately owned successful high tech start up estimated at $20 billion [2005]. what next? silicon valley needs a high tech mayor.

>richard branson of the virgin group a $17 billion company where virgin galactic should be leading the way. elon musk and space x need some guidance on getting consumers into outer space. there’s lots of room for branson. the latest branson weirdness was to sell virgin mobile to sprint for $483 million. really sprint didn’t need the pre-paid business that badly or the virgin mobile customers either. probably the sprint people hate the competition.

>martin nisenholtz is not really a forbes billionare. with the success of yet again the new york times is a $2.9 billion company that takes the lead in the world of publishing. silicon valley newspapers are having a difficult time with internet vs. publishing. besides nisenholtz wants to help with the world wide launch of “valleylist” in spanish and russian. nyt’s nisenholtz talks up charging for mobile and nyt’s nisenholtz paid content would be ‘incremental revenue’ are as far as forbes got with this nyu graduate.

also considered

barry diller

sumner redstone

irwin jacobs

“ted” turner

george lucas

ray dolby

craig mccaw

johnny sheh asus computer 

acer group ceo

“valleylist” continues the tour of the 10 largest cities in the u.s.a. taking everybody to houston.

“we have lift off”.


milbrea mayor robert gottschalk [] helped bring in the bart extension to millbrea and then to the san francisco airport. that’s a big new business deal.

the millbrae chamber of commerce doesn’t have a lot of high tech. with the eventual bart and caltrain high speed train transportation hub coming to san jose millbrea stands to be involved and make even more revenue. the mayor’s 2009 state of the city speech outlines the city’s plans for infrastructure improvements and steps to stop the financial hit from the republican “hood” project from further eroding the city’s stability. “valleylist” recommends that millbrea join the silicon valley campaign to make the area the #1 high tech capital world wide with attracting new high tech start-ups and transportation projects.

the san jose downtown association treated everybody to a new talent david anthony – san jose downtown with r&b not too different from ashford and simpson. it’s not going to save downtown san jose from the infamous robert davis “hit” on normal people [because we all do the “hood” don’t we] however it was a very weird moment to enjoy new music.

for those of us held hostage in san jose it is a big weekend with the at&t san jose jazz festival and south first fridays. highlights include patrice rushen and pete escovedo and local latino jazz greats as well as a last minute stop at slg publishing the comic book people for live music by slab yard.

NEW FEATURE EVERY WEEK focuses on houston population 1,512,000 with texas the third largest state population 23.5 million people.

those interested in houston city government need only contact mayor bill white [] or try a library or the houston chamber of commerce.

houston is a fun city where people spend a lot of money on entertainment and restaurants. the high tech areasincludes engineering computer systems and telecommunications.

like the san jose mounted police the houston police rely on the “horsey” police to make friends and keep the peace. 

houston downtown suggests 5 different neighborhoods for fun however bring your wallet and try to stay off the streets. find a nice table not far from the bar and practice tall tales for the office.

the “valleylist” marketing plan for the 10 largest cities in the u.s.a. it’s really the publications that make the difference.

– – houston publications

forward times

free press houston

houston business journal

houston chronicle

houston community newspapers

houston press

houston is a large geographic area with lots of television radio and cable coverage.

largely an oil and cattle rustling based economy houston high tech people find a quick fix at the nasa – johnson space center.


those following the end of the “game of the century” probably know that the boy genius is supposed to be helping with project. instead dick cheney went “dianna lynn ” on everybody and decided to “give it all to other people”. the result is the mess the republicans have left behind yet again. officially they do not plan to clean it up. why? because they are the “gang” and they do what they feel like doing.

thank you to the democrats who take people seriously and decided to fire the “gang” and continue to try to get cheney to tell people what it is that he thinks he’s doing.

those of us who work for a living need cheney to stop leaning on the button that burns everybody. his fantasy was to “nail people just by pushing a button”. fbi and cia people decided to try to make the fantasy come true.

the result a “ball of confusion”.

the obviously suicidal ravings of john barnette “it already looks like a deadly future so why not just ruin everything and get there as quickly as possible” and ted west “i hate everybody because the police misdirect people” are the only enduring legacy of the project. left to their own weirdo world these “scooter” people intend “to do the worst things in the world to people for no reason”.

i’d rather vote. 

there is only one “valleylist” and here it is.

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“valleylist” publishing projects

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“valleylist” is too busy to include warmongering and terrorism right now.

>ning – – “spin the bottle” new content and features planned

new version of list of characters and internet service being developed

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