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nasa international space station

a big multi-lingual place outside the neighborhood and it pays

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valleylist (sm) friday 09.11.2009 v82 r.1

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 + obama advises caution in what kids put on facebook  

 + congress weighs landmark change in web ad privacy  

 + objections to fed from google digitizing book project  

 + new technologies challenge fcc to evolve says npd

 + u.s.a. firm wins huge solar power project in china  

IMPORTANT [HIGH TECH] PEOPLE THAT NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT requires help from twitter people biz stone and jack dorsey. people known by everybody. why stop there? let’s try the fbi.

robert mueller head honcho at the fbi is also “valleylist” avatar this week. email special agent mueller and you’ll find that the fbi does a lot for high tech.

internet crime complaint center

freedom of information act records

economic espionage unit 

problem is the fbi is of little help. try to get special agent mueller to respond. even extreme cases like in the hospital or paying those bills mr. mueller is mysteriously unhelpful. what’s the story? some people got lost with the bush-cheney “game of the century”. perhaps it’s call the x-files and ask for muldar and scully instead.

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those of us with an interest in serving the needs of the public [as opposed to self-serving bureaucrats] found the city of san jose reopened the carnegie east san jose library to public acclaim. it took a few minutes to shake councilmember sam liccardo‘s hand and walk through the refurbished library that’s over 100 years old. the only remaining “carnegie” library in santa clara county. carnegie founded nearly 3,000 “carnegie” libraries world wide.

as far as important people nobody knows about first and obvious are the all too well known twitter people.

biz stone co-founder of twitter

jack dorsey creator chairman and co-founder of twitter

then there’s the rest of silicon valley high tech new people. 

finkd mark zuckerberg creator and founder of facebook

ginab gina bianchini ceo and co-founder of ning

ellisbooker ellis booker editor btob and btob’s media business

elonmusk elon musk founder of spacex and tesla


quixotic reid hoffman investor strategist co-founder linkedin


mashable pete cashmore founder mashable

the search continues to find important [high tech] people that nobody knows about. in fact “valleylist” is on tour visiting the 10 largest cities in the u.s.a. trying to find the new people. even the fbi is having trouble with this assignment. what’s really important is finding the new talent in high tech that’s making a difference. only one of the people listed here is a billionaire and he’s barely old enough to order a martini. 

thus continues the silicon valley tradition of great wealth and excessive weirdness.


for gilroy it’s mayor al pinheiro looking to build tourism into a real city. the metro cover story “iron fist velvet clove” on explains the gilroy problem “900 gang members terrorizing the entire city”. that’s not quite enough to stop progress in it’s tracks. the article war on war features the gilroy police telling everybody “after years of neglect law enforcement officials are turning up the heat on gilroy street gangs”. need more bad news from garlic country it’s chief of police denise turner – –  – – who says “public safety is a top priority in gilroy”.

all that gilroy really has going is the gilroy garlic festival 2009 and gilroy gardens however metroactive says gilroy tourism is growing up. as far as high tech gilroy’s future it will probably be high tech agriculture.

NEW FEATURE EVERY WEEK focuses on san antonio the 7th largest city in the u.s.a. with 1,299,000 people. it’s a college town university of texas at san antonio texas a&m university and universidad nacional autonoma de mexico. people find san antonio history lessons fascinating however it’s remember the alamo that is everybody’s favorite saying. the san antonio public library can keep you busy with history lessons. most people visit to the chamber of commerce that will tell you who’s keeping the texas economy going. the largest employers are education high tech and government. few people ever need the services of the san antonio police department because the college town atmosphere is mostly fun and stays away from big city problems.  

“valleylist” of course believes that for the 10 largest cities in the u.s.a. it’s really the publications that make the difference.

– – san antonio publications

business journal
el continental
express news
la prensa newspaper
s.a. calendar
san antonio current

the san antonio story is an example of texas needing to grow and finding that like in silicon valley the universities are anchors that attract a lot of new businesses. outside of the oil fields and cattle ranches it’s a very different kind of big city.

there is only one “valleylist” and here it is.

NEWS NEEDS TO BE NEW (sm) it’s a “twitter” [@ valleylist] world lately these messages came in and left while on vacation.

“people are going to deal with a nail and not stay in”. this is the final result of the game of the century. any questions call the bush-cheney people. in other words it’s “no” to staying in and “yes” to deal with a nail.

it’s obvious to everybody that the scott king version of the “game of the century” is actually obstruction because behind the scenes all this “gay gang” plans is to try to eliminate “the good people” and rip people off. isn’t the game fun?

it’s actually the police that need to call it off because the “hood” is too disfuntional and too destructive.

lots of people have complained that the sjpd project people are very hostile and destructive because of their “hood” project. it seems that the final conclusion is that the police department “hood” project is not working out.

tom ridge and the far right say that they need new people to hate. that’s what they really want from the “hood” project.

as the t boone pickens oil people will tell you the raiders don’t go after people every day because it’s too costly and exhausts everybody’s resources. however as former san jose mayor chuck reed will tell you “i’m certain i’m right”.

the next big agenda moment is to break up the “blue eyed deal” with the phone company people from 11 years ago because people do not have an interest in eliminating people. in fact people have an interest in mutually beneficial relationships.

the good people don’t want to close the “game of the century” because they want to see “a group of people” arrested for the deadliest attack at the u.s.a. anybody has ever seen or heard of.

they want a “bug” victory over the “good people” very badly. that means they want to try to claim they are the winners because of a weirdo problem like somebody crossed the street at the wrong time. that’s “a group of people” trying to declare themselves the winners all the time.

they “group of people” is into the “hate crime” for the sensational money and fame.

cancel the live test market of the “scooter rules”.

more project problem people problems – – latest version from the “gang” themselves is that firoze doctor and the far right really don’t need to put 1/3 of the population on lead after all. somebody tell dick cheney. 

a request yet again from business people and professional washington politicians to please stop listening to the “hood” who has demonstrated again and again their intention to ruin everything in a desperate attempt to try to sieze control “in a bad way” so that someday the “hood” is in charge of everything. really please stop listening to the “hood”.

tom tommorrow [twitter tomtomorrow] thinks that the basic nature of the “game of the century” can be summed up in a comic strip where nothing happens and of course the “gang” declares themselves the “winners”. published in black and white almost everywhere like the new yahoo! front page – – just like “valleylist”.

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 “valleylist” v82 r.1 – – important [high tech] people that nobody kn


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