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valleylist (sm) friday 11.13.2009 v90 r.1

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 + aol restructuring

    100 employees laid off ahead of spinoff   

 + yahoo! spanish mobile

 + amazon web services to expand into asia-pacific 

 + hp 3com takeover new competitor for  cisco

 + intel settles amd claims for over $1 billion 

THE CENSUS AND SILICON VALLEY [a new list of cities] should include san francisco and forget san jose.

so it’s dump the city of san jose!

high tech needs to align with san francisco mayor gavin newsom and the new chief of police george gascon. while only the second largest city in the silicon valley area at nearly 1 million people san francisco provides political and technological leadership. san jose technocrats are still trying to amuse themselves at everybody’s expense by fighting it out with the hood every day. the result a real garbage dump.

for technology let’s go with twitter technocrat wizkids biz stone and jack dorsey. for publishing it’s the chronicle’s sfgate providing clear direction for centuries. ad agency organic leads the list because they want the “valleylist” account for the magical mystery tour starting in england. the real problems end up with newsomand chief gascon. solve the city’s #1 problem – – the willie brown “gang” and their anti-homeless campaign that has left hundreds of thousands to sleep in the streets of the u.s.a.’s top travel destination. why? because it’s idiotic.

the “valleylist” agenda is to reverse the immense damage from the so called anti-homeless campaign from the willie brown era that has litterally turned large parts of san francisco into a hood war zone. the reversal should be at the cost of willie and his “gang” however there’s the reality of the taxpayer yet again getting the bill and sending to newsom and his action people from city council. 

the conclusion is obvious. san jose can’t lead. after 3 years of running the rapids with former mayor chuck reed and his “gang” of high school drop outs like sidekick chief robert davis all voters get is let’s “force everybody to give it up to the hood”.

“a new list of cities” is a continuation of the world wide view from “valleylist” – – the census a new take [already in progress]. what the numbers tell us is that the new world order [revised] is almost entirely non-english speaking. the u.s.a. is the only english speaking country in the top 15 largest countries.

avatar du jour this week census bureau director robert groves. a former professor who intends to revisit the census bureau’s sampling methodology groves is controversial. his latest book for those that like to have fun with numbers is survey nonresponse found at for $100 no cents. groves would appreciate the humor in finding large parts of the bay area and silicon valley are less than half white and even fewer speak english.

twitter @uscensusbureau

– – a new list of cities click link

the conclusion is that the new list of cities sets the stage for a more comprehensive view of silicon valley products companies and consumers. it’s a surprise finding that the geography itself is not yet fully developed. from the santa cruz mountains to the west and the east side bordered with the diablo mountains it’s really just san mateo and santa clara counties that are silicon valley. the surrounding geography of the valley should be developed to leverage the success of the silicon valley companies and the network of people that made it all happen.

– – let’s move the food around

let’s move the food around is a zane idea for meeting new people and making money in a brand new way. it’s the fun of finding ways to send food to the food people. they then get it to those who need it. 

it’s a “valleylist” project that’s more than charity and less than a virtual world war. 

.churches with programs for the poor and needy in the area   1>all saints’ episcopal church (650) 322-4528 – 555 Waverley St, Palo Alto, CA 2>first presbyterian church (650) 325-5659 1140 Cowper St Palo Alto ca 3>grace lutheran church (650) 494-1212 3149 Waverley St Palo Alto CA 4>glide memorial church (415) 674-6000 – 330 Ellis St, San Francisco, CA       .silicon valley places for food [for those who can’t find food in silicon valley] metro 10.14.2009 cover story 5 chefs that matter.   1>charlie ayers califia cafe market a go go     town & country 855 el camino real palo alto ca 650.322.9200 2>alessandro cartumini quattro 2050 university ave palo alto ca 650.348.7600 3>chafik larobi zitune’s 325 main st los altos 650.947.0247 4>josiah slone sent sovi 14583 big basin way saratoga ca 408.867.3110
5>sachin chopra sakoon’s 357 castro st. mountain view 650.965.2000   the holidays are to be enjoyed and shared with all kinds of people. this month “valleylist” says “move the food around”. the 5 chefs are full of great ideas and the area churches need the help.       – – sponsorship and advertising opportunities   “valleylist” [readership 5 million a week] needs an ad agency. objective is to pull together the world wide launch of the official web site. “valleylist” includes new one-of-a-kind special advertising and sponsorship opportunities.   these include   – – the “valleylist” free weekly internet newsletter and newsgroup – – the “valleylist” internet social group on ning – – highly successful “valleylist avatar” progam featuring “famous people” – – the planned “magical mystery tour” phase for first month 2010   while acclaimed for a rigourous approach to high tech news and reporting it’s the “valleylist” humourous style and slightly off approach that has attracted the support of our own group of famous people. supporters include mark andreesen, biz stone, jack dorsey, mark zuckerberg, guy kawasaki, and nolan bushnell as well as a slew of political leaders like hillary clinton and the entire gang of bay area mayors. these are people who need to know everything about silicon valley and high tech.   “valleylist” has scored big with it’s strategy of getting behind the news. there is a very entertaining new concept project with tomtomorrow‘s “this modern world“. the exchange of indeas includes the “reign of terror” and illustrations of the anti-people concept of “nothing has happened therefore i am a winner”.   “valleylist” got as far as the “car up there” on the cover of new yorker magazine 9.28.2009.   the success of the agenda to get behind the news made further advances with the sfweekly cover 10.28.2009 “revolt” depicting a total revolt in response to the “reign of terror”. the actual article was titled “no justice” and was a great walk through the reality of the bio-engineered financial crash of the early 21st century. the additional behind the news success story is the metro cover story “rock” or officially “rocktober“.   yet again a “valleylist” agenda project because inspite of the republican reign of terror people need to rock and get things done.   the “valleylist” objective is to get results for high tech and the business agenda of the technology and political leaders shaping the future.   there is only one “valleylist” and here it is.       MAYOR OF THE WEEK takes a break until next year.

NEW FEATURE EVERY WEEK takes a break until next year.  

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